Monday, May 30, 2005

Yes, I Wrote Another Dirty Book..

Actually, it's erotic, not dirty and the stories were written between 1990 and this year, whenever I was between idiotic 9 to 5 jobs and boyfriend
catastrophes. It's called "Seduced And Abandoned", published by Renaissance Books. (Click link above for info and an excerpt.) And believe me, as far as erotica goes, I'm way old-fashioned, since these stories involve sexual relationships between one real (not demoness shapeshifter)* hetrosexual female and one real (not vampire/werewolf/pirate)* hetrosexual male who know each other or wind up in a long-term relationship. Lots of them have a rock 'n' roll or BDSM subtext.
*Don't worry, I'm working on projects with demoness shapeshifters. One has to de-er-evolve as a romance writer.

In other news- I recently ran a giveaway on my site for one of those "Totally Hits" compilations. Hundreds of people have responded, hoping to win a copy,which features stellar artists I've never heard of, like Trick Daddy, Ciara, Rupee and Trillville. Course, I'm an old fart who is listening to "Homicide" by 999 and other old punk songs as I type this. But there are some tried 'n' true names on it like.....Avril Lavigne.

Finishing up a novella that's overdue this week, and another one next week. Everything at the last minute. But then I was one of those kids who waited til 10 p.m the night before the book report was due to actually read the book.

Also, I am looking for female rock music fans to interview for a book. Details at this URL.

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