Tuesday, March 06, 2007

False Alarm- Another L.A. Punk Rock Band You Should Know

Fuck Em All, We’ve All Ready (Now) Won!
False Alarm
False Alarm Records, 2006

False Alarm follow the path of so many other L.A.punk bands that first formed in the early ‘80s. On and off gigs , drugs, alcohol, disasters, the early death of one of the members. (False Alarm’s singer/guitarist, Dylan Maunder (D-Rock), passed away in 2005.) Now some of the band’s original songs are out on the new CD, Fuck Em All, We’ve All Ready (Now) Won!

False Alarm’s sound is part Social Distortion, part New York Dolls, with a dollop of Dead Boys added for that extra kick. The raw material is edgy, early 80s’ soundin' Cathay de Grande era punk, and the polished production of the ‘00s emphasizes songs and melody rather than attitude. Luckily, both are evident in the finished product. This effort, compiled and produced by bassist Brent Alden and guitarist Paul Kostabi, revives the band’s career with a 14 track CD on their own False Alarm label.

There are a few interesting notes about some of the present and former band members. Paul Kostabi, the band’s guitarist, is also a painter and brother of Mark Kostabi, Axl Rose’s favorite artist back in the day. (That’s Mark Kostabi’s painting on the cover of Use Your Illusion.) Fat Mike played guitar for False Alarm in 1983 before joining NOFX, and one of his live performances is included on False Alarm’s first CD. And one of Dee Dee Ramone’s paintings is the cover art.

On F ‘Em, most of the songs are written by Brent Alden and Dylan Maunder. From the opening guitar riff of Horrible Life to the ’77 garage punk sound of I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend, the frenetic pace never weakens. In addition to the songs that feature Maunder on lead vocals, there are 3 notable guest appearances - Rick Wilder (Maus Maus, Berlin Brats) sings the Dolls’ Vietnamese Baby, De De Troit of UXA performs In My Mind and Cheetah Chrome sings lead on High Tension Wire and plays guitar on several other songs. False Alarm is yet another hidden treasure in the ever expanding L.A. punk rock chronicle. Go to www.myspace.com/falsealarmrecords for more information.

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