Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hitz- Wild 'n' Outta Sight

For kids barely out of high school, SoCal based garage rock band the Hitz (they range in age from 19 to 23), are making a mark in the toughest music market in the country. They’ve already opened for an impressive array of bands in local clubs-the Vibrators, the Morlocks, the Seeds, Gram Rabbit, Shady Lady and the Generators. Their sound is a nod to Brit invasion bands (early Stones, Who, Them) and swingin’ 60s garage rock, ala the Sonics. It’s strictly fun rock ‘n’ roll that isn’t too heavy or too pop-oriented. It’s just the right mix of bass, guitar, drums and voice with none of that fancy stuff. (Except for a bit of harmonica here and there.)

The Hitz have a four song EP Wild & Outta Sight available for sale via their Myspace. The 4 song sampler was produced by Dave Klein of The Ghastly Ones. It features Garage Massage, a tune inspired by ‘60s Nuggets psychedelic sounds. (A little Blues Magoos anyone?) The band keeps the pace going with “Here for Tonite (“I’m not your type/I’m just here for tonite”), then ramps it up a notch further on “Bye.” With tunes like that, The Hitz could be Sky Saxon’s grandkids, musically speaking. The band is currently in the studio recording new material. Keep an eye-or an ear-on The Hitz.

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