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Erotic Romance Burns Up The Bookshelves

Now some readers of this blog may be familiar with the fact that I write erotica in my spare time. I was pleasantly surprised to find out via a royalty statement that I even sold some erotic poetry books recently! Woah! Time to buy that French villa!

The erotic romance biz rarely gets mainstream press. That’s why it was such a hoot to see romances featured in a recent Huffington Post article.

Although I put my erotica romance career on the back burner for awhile, I recently began reviving my old manuscripts-- I have seven of 'em on my hard drive at last count. In order to get the creative juices flowing, so to speak, I reacquainted myself with some of my favorite erotic romance authors. Here are reviews of two recent Aphrodisia releases.

Sexy Beasts VI

The sexy beasts in the latest version of this popular anthology are shape shifters—men (or women) who turn into a wild animal (fox, panther, wolf, zebra, etc.) when the time is right. That’s not to say they’re split in half, like a centaur. That means they’re a man one minute, a wolf attacking a bad guy the next--and the transformation is often described in spine tingling detail by the author.

Aphrodisia, the erotica/erotic romance imprint of Kensington Publishing, released the latest story collection in this highly popular series in April. Now let’s face it. There’s only so many variations you can describe involving two monogamous human beings regardless of your expertise as an erotica writer. That explains why fantasy/scifi/superhero/ shapeshifter/group BDSM stories have crowded the bookshelves and Kindles of erotica readers everywhere. Shapeshifter erotica tends to be the most creative and the most explicit sex scenes in modern erotica romance and that’s sating a lot.

In Sexy Beast VI—three skilled erotic romance authors, all experienced in paranormal, shapeshifter or fantasy stories, combine these elements with really hot sex scenes for a scintillating read.

In the first story, Kate Douglas’ Chanku Honor is set in San Francisco, where Jazzy Blue, a young hooker with a sad past, encounters a group of tattooed and pierced misfits. She’s saved from a vicious attack by a wolf that comes out of nowhere…and then the fun begins. Jazzy discovers she belongs to a group of Chanku wolves/shapesfiters. There’s the mysterious group leader Logan, the threesome of Mik, AJ and Tala, Beth, Nicky and loner Deacon. The sex in Chanku Honor is not only hot, but very detailed, with most scenes lasting for pages, not paragraphs. There’s a hot m/m/f threesome here that goes on for quite awhile with a feisty female Tala goading on the male participants.

Lydia Parks’ Animal Instinct pits detective Rachel McNeil with Russian detective Nikolai Volsky to solve a string of murders caused by.. a man, a beast, or a combination thereof? The search for the killer takes a lot of twists and turns. There’s lots of hot sex here, and it begins almost instantly, but it’s strictly male/female-or male/otherwordly female.

Anya Howard’s Wings of the Swan deviates a bit from the formula of the first two stories in that the Saxon chieftain Rulf is all man as he admires beautiful maiden Inga bathing underneath a waterfall. He claims her as his own in a sweet but sensuous moment of love. There’s still shapeshiftng—Inga is a sensual, swan-like creature, but the pace here is slower and more romantic. Never fear, the erotic scenes between Rulf and Inga are still exceedingly hot. But whenn the evil sorceress Estheria threatens their relationship and Rulf’s life, things get downright fiery in a very frightening way.

Submissive by Anya Howard

Submissive, a full length novel by Anya Howard, takes the concept of star-crossed lovers, Gillian and Bruce, who are a bit too shy to approach each other on earth and transports them to Nemi, where slaves live for the approval of their masters and experience eternal pleasure-unless they misbehave and are tethered to one of the punishing disciplinary devices used for teaching misbehaving disciples a lesson.

Waitress Gillian meets a strange Goth girl while in a cigarette break from her job at the diner, but the girl is no ordinary club kid and seduces Gillian into an enticing world of pleasure and pain. While some of initial scenes don’t make it clear that the characters are now in an alternate universe, the characterization and assortment of doms, subs and masters soon make it apparent that we have entered a sublime world of sex and submission.

Bruce also enters the same world as Gillian and deals with hungry doms Rose Gina before finally getting to his beloved Gillian. But the road to bliss on Nemi is paved with obstacles as the lovers must deal with interfering Dhjinns, doms and slaves on their on quest to fulfillment.

Howard’s prose, even in the explicit scenes is impeccable.It makes the characters come alive You get a sense of their struggles and their true love for each other.Submissive is a romance where you root for the hero and heroine to get together. Bruce and Gillian are totally believable characters with real emotions. Gillian is feisty but not in the exaggerated way of many romance heroines, Bruce may be a dominant but he’s not macho stud. Please note that the BDSM scenes are plentiful and more often than not, punctuated only briefly by completely G rated prose.

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