Friday, January 13, 2006

Dinner Whores And Lunch Sluts

When I lived in NYC, I'd occasionally find myself working cheesy temp jobs and eating Ramen. Of course, one can only eat Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner for so long before becoming delirious. But I discovered a way to ease my growling stomach without selling my lamp--or my body.

I'd simply pick up a copy of the New York Press and peruse the personals. Hey, there were a lot of well-heeled businessmen, trust fund artists, and computer techs out there who could easily afford to feed me. After all, I was a cute, perky blonde and quite different from the typical frazzled NYC female. Guys seemed to respond to that. So I'd leave a few messages on the New York Press system and in day or two, I'd have a date.

But I wasn't overly concerned with getting laid during these lean times. If it happened, that was great, but I wanted FOOD. As I prepared for my dates, I thought about what I would order for dinner, not what my date would look like.

Usually, I was pretty lucky. The guys turned out to be fun to talk to and pretty interesting. Unlike the gal in the article above, I was merely concerned with getting hot food in my belly. It didn't necessarily have to be filet Mignon or caviar. But $1 menu chicken nuggets from Wendys weren't gonna cut it, either. Hey, even I have standards! Oh, and yes, I even got laid on most of the dates.