Sunday, August 09, 2009

Best Rolling Stones Music Videos of the '80s & '90s

Harlem Shuffle (Dirty Work, 1986)

Animation by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi

Most Stones fans agree that Mick and Keef created their last perfect (or near-perfect) album in 1978 (
Some Girls) or 1981 (Tattoo You). But Mick turned 66 last month and the boys-I mean grandpas-are still rockin'. The albums released in the last 28 years all have memorable songs on them, of course. The problem seems to be that the Stones post 1981 output dims in comparison to the band's '60s and '70s albums. Lotsa folks can name most of the songs off Let It Bleed, Exile on Main Street and the '60s hit compilation Hot Rocks. But how many songs can you name off Steel Wheels or Undercover?

Still, there are classic songs and videos from the '80s-'00s. Here are a few of my faves.

Has Anybody Seen My Baby? (Bridges to Babylon, 1997)

Angelina Jolie as the object of Mick's affection , New York street scenes, sleazy burlesque club.

One Hit to the Body (Dirty Work, 1986)

Mick & Keith weren't really getting along during this era, as evidenced (in a tongue in cheek kinda way) in this video.

Too Much Blood (Undercover, 1983)

Cheesey, fun video. Woody and Keith with chainsaws, fake blood running from faucets, Mick reciting the story of cannibal killer Issei Sagawa

Like A Rolling Stone (1996)

With Patricia Arquette as an Edie Sedgewick type character. Directed by Michael Gondry.


Anita Morris seduces Mick & Keith, Charlie ends the video with some comic relief.

She Was Hot (1983 Undercover)


Undercover of the Night

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