Friday, April 08, 2005

Parlez vous francais, Madge?

I am so hoping these kids will be smarter and more together-and classier-than their parents. But you know the theory of opposites-if the parents are/were hedonistic dingbats, the kids usually wind up bright and responsible. Rocco and Lourdes should have a talk with Francis Bean sometime-in French..

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Random Supermodel Memory

In 1992 I attended a writers' conference in New Orleans. I was too poor to stay in the ritzy hotel where the conference was being held, so my boyfriend arranged for me to stay with a friend of his. One night he took me out to dinner and we started talking about where we grew up. He told me he had a girlfriend in San Francisco, and was going to marry her. However, she got called unexpectedly to go on a modeling job in Europe and never returned. (Clue: The gal was in the famous George Michael "Freedom" video-and it wasn't Naomi or Cindy.) Now, I KNEW I shouldn't ask the fella who the model in question was, but I did anyway and he answered, somewhat sheepishly. Poor guy.
Then, when I got back to New York, a friend of a friend claimed that she knew a guy who lived in her building. As the story goes, the model pursued him and not vice versa. Then when the poor sod got his chance he was so intimidated by her his Mr. Happy was inoperable. (This, of course, was in the pre-Viagra days.)
Other supermodel gossip from the '90s-I did overhear some very jaded New York publishing hipsters talk about a certain skinny British model being zonked out on heroin at a party, circa 95-96. Don't think she's into that nowadays, not so sure about her current (recent?) thieving rock star boyfriend..

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Random Rock & Roll Memory- 1 1/2 Degrees of Separation

People in general love to brag about meeting, knowing, or knowing some one who knows a celebrity (or semi or quasi celebrity.) This common yet irritating trait is increased eightyfold when you live in Los Angeles. Several years ago, I attended a concert featuring my favorite old geezer band cashing in on the excesses of their youth. While sitting backstage waiting for the show to go on, many people around me were exchanging stories about personal encounters they or their best friends had with band members. One woman excitedly revealed that a friend of hers had been to the guitar player's house. Of course, upon hearing this, my concert-going companion had to one up this woman's story. He turns to me and says "You know that girl Lori you met?" "Yeah, the drugged-out stripper?" I recalled. "She did heroin with (guitar player's name redacted) in the '80s."
Thank God the band hit the stage just then, saving me from a topper to that brush with greatness

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Difference Between L.A. And New York

From the marketing exec's viewpoint:

According to Vincent Gallo via Defamer/Gawker:

We move on to reports that he’s left New York, which are true. As of two weeks ago, he is a new resident of Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, to be exact). “People in LA are so self-absorbed, they leave you alone,” he explains. In New York, Vincent felt he could never get anything done – finding a “metric bolt,” for instance, was a challenge for him.

Rest of article here: