Monday, June 12, 2006

Punk Rock Demonstration-Grass Roots Punk Radio

In the mid-70s when punk bubbled up from the underground, radio was one of the last places to embrace it. Hell, "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" played more Pistols and pre-Heart Of Glass Blondie than your local FM station. Radio stations like WXRT in Chicago were exceptions to this rule, but it wasn't possible to hear "punk" on the radio til Nirvana, Greenday, Rancid, etc. made it acceptable.

Of course, the bands radio began playing in the mid-90s usually didn't include L.A. punk staples like X, the Adolescents, the Vandals, and the Circle Jerks. All these bands plus countless others are featured on Complete Control Radio with Joe Sib on Indie1031 from 8-10 pm Thursday. The show is sponsoring concerts at L.A.’s Knitting Factory this summer, so a weekend drive to Orange County will not be necessary to see live punk, at for a few months.

But younger fans are doing their own radio shows and podcasts, too. Following is an interview with Jack, host of Punk Rock Demonstration, an internet show which features the best of current releases and older punk at the (Click title link above for webpage.) Not surprisingly, Jack mentions Complete Control as one of the reasons he was drawn to punk rock.

JB--Tell me a little bit about your radio show,
Punk Rock Demonstration. Where can we hear it & how
long has it been on?

Jack-The Punk Rock Demonstration is a punk rock show that
features punk and punk rock from its early days to the
present. You can think of it as a demonstration of all
kinds of punk rock ranging from street punk to
hardcore punk to mainstream punk rock. You can hear it
by going to or go to
the website at and click
on the listen link. The first show aired shortly
before Christmas, 2005 and new shows have been airing
every week on Mondays 7PM PST.

JB-You play all kinds of music
from older bands like the Adolescents to newer bands
like The Attraction and the Briefs. What are some of
your favorite new bands/songs?

Jack- Some of my favorite new bands/ songs are:

Soul 4 Sale - Down And Out
Die Nakse Banannen - Bummer 98
The Filthy Thieving Bastards - Back Of His Hand
Craic Haus - Can't Get Used To It
Lost City Angels - Broken World
The Loved Ones - Jane
The Briggs - Song For Us
The Agitators - A Salute To All

just to name a few new artists and songs within the
past year.

JB- If you could put together one show featuring your favorite new bands (bands formed within the last 10 years, let's say) who would they be?

The Filthy Theiving Bastards
Die Nakse Bananen
Soul 4 Sale
The Adolescents
The Briggs
Clit 45
The R.O.U.S's
Time Again
Pistol Grip
The Cunts
The Street Dogs
The Bouncing Souls
The Pain
Vice Squad
The Agitators
Flatfoot 56
The Street Brats
The Unseen
Niblick Henbane
Dick Politic
Monster Squad
The Abuse
Damage Case
The Riverboat Gamblers
The Lawrence Arms
Complete Control
The Bloodclots
Brain Failure

and many many more... not including the bands that
were formed more than 10 years ago.

JB-You attended British Invasion 2K6 this year and
interviewed some of the bands who performed there.
What was that day like? Were you there when the
"riots" broke out?

Jack-Yes, I attended British Invasion 2K6 and interviewed
many of the bands. Everyone was excited and friendly
and the bands were excited to be there. Everything was
very orderly, calm, and happy. Some people approached
me and asked me a few questions about what I was doing
with a briefcase, but they were just curious and
didn't want to start anything.

I was actually interviewing dBd when the riots broke
out. I left dBd's dressing room and saw people on the
roof of the buildings along with people running
around, screaming, and many asking for help.

JB-When did you first know you were attracted to
punk rock music? What particular song or band first
piqued your interest?

Jack-I first knew I was attracted to punk rock music when I
heard the radio show Complete Control on Indie 103.1.
I've always liked punk rock, but I never knew it was
called punk rock until I stumbled upon that show.
There wasn't any one song that got me into punk rock,
but I would have to say was Rancid was the one that
caught my attention with Tim Armstrong's insane guitar

JB-What are your favorite bands to see live?

Jack-I haven't seen to many bands perform live, but the
ones that I have seen live, I'd say the Street Dogs,
Brain Failure, and Craic Haus puts on an awesome