Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quick! Name 30 Semi-Famous or Obscure Hair Metal Bands from the 80s/Early 90s

..without surfing the Net for info. I first played this fun trivia game with one of the sales reps at a mag I worked for when the SD was out of town. I just plucked the number “30” out of thin air, considering how prevalent the spandex and twiddly guitar sound was circa 1989. We thought we’d have to struggle to get to 30…but at 33 we were still going!! Yes, big record companies did shell out bucks for the likes of Kik Tracee , Sleeze Beez, and Babylon A.D. Shockingly, many of the bands were damn good-- and entertaining. By 1991, however, the genre was oversaturated with screechy vocals and singers with leopard print pants. Then those pesky Nirvana guys showed up and stuck a fork in it. Every few years, my friends and I play this game from scratch. No cheating! Even if you DETEST this form of music, the names are somewhere in the back of your mind, admit it. It’s okay to include hard rock/metal/glam-punk bands who rocked the sound but not the look, or vice-versa.

My List

1. Phantom Blue

2. Salty Dog

3. Circus of Power

4. Life, Sex & Death

5. Star, Star
6. Kik Tracee
7. Electric Boys
8. Electric Love Hogs
9. Junkyard
10. Jetboy
11. White Sister
12. Precious Metal
13. Smashed Gladys
14. Spread Eagle
15. Dad’s Porno Mag
16. Every Mother’s Nightmare
17. Slik Toxik
18. Little Caesar

19. Princess Pang
20. Rough Cutt
21. Sound Barrier

22. Dangerous Toys
23. Love/Hate
24. Loudness
25. Pretty Boy Floyd
26. Bang Tango
27. Danger, Danger
28. Hericane Alice
29. Vixen
30. Alice in Chainz
(Yes, they started out as a hair metal band. I used to have a great pic of them all Aqua-netted out, but lost it. Backstory here)