Saturday, December 17, 2011

CD Review: The Green Lady Killers: Just Fine

                      Green Lady Killers live at L.A.'s Redwood Bar

The Green Lady Killers, an all female trio from L.A, channel the Cramps, Joan Jett and the Breeders and wrap it their own special brand of black leather swagger.  The band, originally formed in Phoenix, AZ, consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Lady Van Buren, drummer Cherrybomb and bassist/vocalist Ivy Rose.  Their first full-length album, Just Fine, is now available from Rusty Knuckles Music as a CD or iTunes download.

The 12 tunes on Just Fine blast AC/DC style rock with a hint of psychobilly; fast and furious but with a sexy side. “Power” brings to mind the metal thrash of Betty Blowtorch, while the single “My .45” has a ferocity that could put many supposedly tough male bands to shame. “Another Place in Time” relates the lust and longing of a young rock femme fatale, as does the thrashy “Time Bomb.”  “Dance Floor” boasts a steady groove that proves you can shake your booty and then some to hard-edged music. Singer Lady Van Buren sounds  like Tanya Donnelly when she mellows a bit, like on the intro to “Linger On.” She can sing ballsy rock, but can also deliver melodic, heartfelt vocals when the lyric calls for it.

 The Green Lady Killers play club gigs throughout the  West Coast and Southwest Their résumé includes performances on the Shiragirl Stage at the Vans Warped Tour in 2005 and gigs with bands as diverse as Missing Persons and the Nekromantix. GLK snagged the Best Power Trio title at the 2010 L.A. Music Awards, and they showcased at SXSW with other Rusty Knuckles bands this year.

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