Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fallopian-They're Tubular

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Four So Cal girls who dress as colorfully as they sound, Fallopian grab your attention sonically and visually. Imagine Cyndi Lauper in her wackiest outfit overlapped with Exene, and you’ve got a good idea of their fashion sense. Although a relatively new band, Fallopian played one date on the Warped tour in last year in Ventura, CA. Dammit, Eat Your Pudding! (Avebury Records) is their debut album.

The album opener, Sex With Tree (“Saw a giant elm/made me tingly in the goods.”)
is more fun than should be legally allowed. Fallopian sounds like Josie Cotton or Julie (The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun) Brown with cajones. Or think of the Shaggs as California punk rawk girls, circa 2006.

The song titles alone are enough to sell you on Dammit, Eat Your Pudding! Potato Bug, Free Peepshow, My Thoughts On Boogers,(w/ acoustic guitar accompaniment) I Love Beans, Check Out My Rash (Lotsa bodily functions here), Crime Fighting Pelican. All songs have that sparse Raincoats/ ‘77 guitar vibe. This band would have fit in nicely at the Cathay de Grande or Madame Wong’s in 1980. The world needs more fun, unapologetically quirky bands like Fallopian.

Band members:

Sarah Laundry-Vocals
Mikki Superb- Bass
Beeny McBean -Drums
Ginger With Flare- Guitar