Monday, August 02, 2010

Erotic Book Review: Pussy Tales by Natasha Brooks

In Pussy Tales (Emerging Edge Publishing, 183 pages), Natasha Brooks takes the story of a mother and wife turned escort and gives it romantic yet realistic spin. Jasmine, the book’s heroine, finds herself alone with  her young daughters after husband Marcus abandons them. Mounting money problems add to her emotional distress. She takes up an offer from a helpful stranger named Lorenzo, and becomes an escort.

Jasmine’s problems seem to be solved – for awhile. She has money to take care of her girls, and Lorenzo turns out to be a friend and lover, not just a money-collecting pimp. Jasmine even avoids any unpleasant situations with her clients, who range from a sexually inexperienced young man to a married politician. Brooks explores all of Jasmine’s emotions, from luxuriating in the sexual power she has over her clients to her burgeoning feelings of love for Lorenzo.

However, this perfect scenario soon takes a turn for the worse. The ensuing twists near the end of the book may take even jaded erotic romance readers by surprise. Brook’s pacing makes this possible. She doesn’t drop obvious hints or overwrite. Her gift for clear, concise prose adds a wallop to the plot detour. In the end, Jasmine finds the strength to get her life back on her own terms.  Pussy Tales is a lusty and empowering read for erotica connoisseurs who prefer a dose of everyday realism entwined with hot sex.

Author Natasha Brooks is the editor of  Bareback Magazine, a monthly online zine featuring erotic fiction and poetry, book and movie reviews, and a message board.

Emerging Edge Publishing distributes a variety of erotic novels, poetry collections and non-fiction books.

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