Monday, November 02, 2009

Who Are These Jon and Kate People and Why Are They Following Me Around?

Another sign of the apocalypse occurred recently when it was revealed Octomom Nadya Suleman and annoying media whore Jon Gosselin were in talks to do a new reality show together. At best, the Octomoms and Jon Gosselins of the world should be minor celebrities. Sadly, on any given news day these jerks are saturating the media more than many other celebrities with actual talent. Even porn stars have to be skilled at something  to get where they are--have a perverted specialty like having sex with a sock puppet, etc. At least that would be original.  All those morons had to do was procreate. And if you can’t support eight kids on your own or with your spouse or family, don’t expect the media to give you the money to raise them.

Now, the reason these idiots are still famous? Because people are talking and writing about them. Now 99 percent of the people who write articles, message board posts and blog entries like this one deride them and want them to disappear. But admit it, folks, its fun to have jerks like this to make fun of, and of course, they deserve it. Even apologizing to the (soon to be) ex-wife is done in public with a celebrity rabbi, documented by cameras for all the world to see. Would Jon Gosselin have apologized by his lonesome in private without making a spectacle of it?  That's highly doubtful.

But they don’t care. Any publicity is good publicity. It’s the “I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right.” culture in full bloom. What does it say about America that "reality-dweeb" celebrities and our fascination with them have inundated pop culture for a decade now? It’s like the viewing public are fair weather friends or bullies in waiting. We love to make fun of reality stars, but they always come back for more and get paid for it, either in cash or freebies. But remember Britney's tale. Everyone participated in death pools when she shaved her head, but there were always a few people who said, “Oh, but her comeback will the greatest in history.” Well, Britney did comeback. It certainly wasn’t the greatest ever, but we got to keep her around. It’s that up and down cycle that fascinates the minions. We just can’t get enough of whacking ‘em when they are down and gushing on ‘em when they’re up.

And I can’t wait til the Gosselins or Octomom  take acting lessons and take work away from  talented thespians all in the name of  box-office appeal. It’ll be the most highly touted acting debut since Vanna White in Goddess of Love. But wait-that will involve real effort. I wonder if any of these folks would even put in the requisite practice to be on Dancin With the Stars since they’re so used to their unscripted lives being fodder for every media outlet in America. I kinda feel sorry for the young women that hang around this Gosselin guy, too. Just think…in the ‘60s groupies had the Stones and Beatles; in the '80s Duran Duran, but now they have the Jon Gosselins and other reality show schmucks of the world. It's slim pickins' out there, ladies. Could we just get tired of  the Gosselins and other self-absorbed reality stars so they can fade back into obscurity and take care of their kids sans 24/7 cameras and interviews with the Star? Then maybe the American public could get back to being entertained by, and talking about, people with real talent, substance and/or charisma.

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